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On aging:


What I think is so important as a physical therapist is:

That we can age without pain, without disability.

Aging does not have to be a passive process of just accepting loss, of function, of mobility, independence, social life, of life’s pleasures.

It is so ingrained in our culture, that

“Well, I’m 75 now, I guess I am just going to have to live with this hip pain.””

“There’s nothing you can do about arthritis anyway”

“Well the doctor said there was nothing else that I could be done”

There is a lot of misleading and un-helpful information out there about how it looks and feels to age. Whether your goal is to maintain optimal health, recover from an unexpected or unwanted disease, or worse, I can help you achieve your goals.

Let’s not deny aging, but instead honor the wisdom and experience of a mature life.

Many people find themselves becoming dissatisfied with the options given to them by the current healthcare system. After having an xray or mri with unfavorable results, often the only options are medication and/or surgery.

There is more out there. There is wisdom in touch and feeling. There is more to health than pills and tests.

In my care, you will be an active partner in your whole body healing. You will not receive treatment to temporarily cover up your aches and pains; but you will feel relief. (I provide hands- on therapy including myofascial release in each session). However, you may also be will be asked to look inside yourself, maybe to change your current lifestyle or habits to make a change.

It may take work, effort, discipline mentally and physically. But it will be worth it. You will gain hope, confidence. You will be empowered. You will age well.

Paraphrased from Jessica Roberts, PT

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