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Evaluation and Treatment:

First, a comprehensive evaluation and rehab diagnosis is made


based on your physicians referral /diagnosis (if applicable).


An individualized treatment plan may consist of:


Myofascial Release

Our therapists focus on hands on therapy.  PTs have trained extensively in the John F. Barnes method.

Pilates and Yoga

Julie Zapata is a Stott certified Pilates trainer with years of experience doing and teaching yoga as well. We are equipped with a Balanced Body reformer and tower.

Physical Therapy

Exercise Therapy

All types. We have free weights, Bosu balls, Swiss balls, Therabands and more.

Physical therapy on leg


Creative therapists will help you meet your goals.


Most patients will have a treatment plan which includes a series of visits, commonly 2 x a week for a month.

All Patients are encouraged to book a series of appointments.

Gait Training and Neuromuscular Reeducation.

If you are on a walker or a cane (or would like to prevent it), you may need balance and gait retraining.

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