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I have been to many PTs and I never had one that I liked. I am glad my Doctor knows you so that more people can get the right kind of therapy.

O.V.Manhattan 2017

I had the pleasure of having Julie Zapata as my physical therapist.  Her expertise helped me ease my problems.  She was knowledgeable, professional and warm.  My time with her was a total asset.

Sincerely, M.K. Bronx, NY

Julie is an excellent physical therapist.  I have had many happy and productive hours working with her.

Sincerely, S.L. Bronx, NY 

Julie is an excellent Physical Therapist, who I have worked with, who has helped numerous patients get better through her wonderful skills.

J.K. Englewood, NJ.

Great PT, good manual skills, very thorough.  Very caring, good time management.  Not an easy quitter if the patient is still in need of improvement.  Overall, a pleasure to share patients with.

D.L. Englewood, NJ

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